And where we came from.​

Over dinner in April 2005, a dozen women who exercised together at a Barrington gym had a wild idea for a new challenge. They had participated in a 150-mile charity bicycle ride across New Jersey but wanted to add something more. So they decided to form a Dragon Boat team.  Joined by ten other women, they set out to train for our first 500 meter race which would take place that October at the Philadelphia International Dragon Boat Festival in Fairmont Park

From that first dinner meeting, The River Sirens were born and have never looked back. We are now a 501c3, non-profit organization and we have grown from those first 22 women to almost 80 strong.


The Team is trained by a Coaching Team comprised of highly skilled and seasoned dragon boating vets. All coaches have participated in and completed Canadian Dragon Boat Coaching I & II Level Coaching Courses. 

In 2015, The River Sirens wanted to share their passion of the sport with the community. On July 18, 2015 the inaugural Cooper River Dragon Boat Festival was born! The next festival will take place on July 25, 2020!